About us


We’re Mike and Jillian and those are our sidekicks, Brooke and Lachlan. We believe there is nothing more valuable than time together, so the convenience of an on-the-go steeped bag that simply requires a container and water means we have more time to do what we love. 

Mike is Marketing Director who creates content by day. Jillian is a CPA and is passionate about helping businesses thrive. When we aren’t working our main gigs, you can find us just about anywhere. Mike has always wanted to be a pilot so back in the winter of 2020, he took the leap to become certificated. Flying lessons required really early mornings, and really early mornings require really good coffee. 

Mike's story:

Mike has a mantra that was adopted when his uncle said, in a passing conversation. You want to do something, it's a simple two step process.

Step 1: Decide to do the thing you want to do. Step 2: Do It! 

Little did he know this would ultimately lead to the origins of Airspace Coffee Co. For many years Mike worked blocks from a local general aviation airport. He would watch Steerman biplanes, Cessna 172s and various corporate jets come and go, longing for the ability to fly. In 2020, when he finally decided to do the thing he wanted to do, he took an intro flight and was hooked! To accommodate all of his other commitments, the early morning lesson was the best option. This often led to a whorl wind of activity as he rushed out of the door many of those early mornings. Mike would often need to be out of house before breakfast and coffee was had. (Not the best way to start intensive training) The drive to the airport was an hour and these alone times had Mike thinking, it sure would be great if I could brew coffee while I drove! This simple concept could allow him to get more done given his often compressed morning time frame. With this thought, Mike sought out in search of finding the solution to his conundrum.

The Airspace Coffee Co. seed was planted.

 Jillian's story:

In November of 2021, months after we had been working towards getting Airspace up and going, Jillian survived a stroke. She was in the hospital for four days and has since made a near full recovery. After the experience, Mike and Jillian realized how precious each moment is and decided to go all in on Airspace. As a CPA, Jillian has helped countless businesses grow and thrive and it was time to share these gifts with her family, and their business! Starting a new business can be an exciting and a frightening experience. It is said the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude! Jillian has taken on this experience with exuberance and has been pushing forward on all the things since. Together they are so excited to share Airspace Coffee Co. with you. 

When we say we value our time together, we really mean it. Experiencing a life-changing scare, took this dream and helped propel it into reality. 


Airspace Coffee Co. works with a local roaster (Tobra Coffee) that provides quality coffee beans and a manufacturer that packages our coffee in environmentally friendly packaging. We believe it is important to leave things better than we found them and creating a sustainable product is a large part of our mission.

 Our adventures changed when we began using these single serve steeped bags so we couldn’t keep the convenience to ourselves.

 We hope Airspace Coffee becomes a staple in your life while giving you the gift of time…and REALLY good coffee.