Can You Steep Coffee Like Tea?

Can you steep coffee like tea? That was nearly the same question I asked prior to starting Airspace Coffee Co. My question was "why not steep coffee like tea?"  A question that was posed as a means to a problem. Saving time! Steeping coffee is a great way to allow a full immersion brew. This type of brew method is common practice in brewing like Aero-Press or Pour over. Allowing all your coffee grounds to be fully submerged in water to extract the full flavor of the coffee.  The great thing about Airspace Steeped Coffee is it a complete brewing system without any machines. All you need is water and a mug. Each single serve coffee bag is perfectly ground, and comes with its included filter, no extra contraptions or bulky hardware required. Open your Airspace Steeped bag and enjoy the hassle free perfect cup of coffee, every time. Dawn Patrol, Coffee, Specialty roast, Hat, Enamel Mug